Life with the Delgados

Hi & Welcome to our life.

A little about us... Carlos & I (Carol) have been together for over 20 years. We have 3 beautiful children: Azucena, Lucas, & Elias. And let's not forget Romeo, our chocolate lab.

Carlos and I grew up poor and wanted so much more out of life. We both work 2 jobs and always have!

As you can imagine, life is busy!

I remember one day, I was upset about missing one of the kids activities because I had to work. He looked at me and said "You cannot be everywhere. You are going to miss things." Oh, and did that hit home! Time for change!

I wanted so much more out of my time. I decided then I didn't want to rent my time any longer! I wanted to travel! I wanted to be at every kids event, cheering them on! And most of all, I wanted FREEDOM!

I started to look into various work from home options to utilize my nursing degree. Two big problems presented themselves- 1) pay would not replace my current pay, 2) hours are set by someone else.

Scrolling through TikToc, a girl came on and talked about digital marketing. I watched it, liked it, and quickly the TikToc algorithm sent me more similar videos. I was spiraling! Drop shipping, digital products, scams, reviews, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! I decide I needed help.

I clicked a video that lead to another and another until I was purchasing a course that promised to help me achieve this goal of detaching my money from my time. I realized that this course was not what I needed. I cancelled, requested a refund, and went back to drawing board.

After the failed attempt, doubt crept in and questioned whether I made the right choice. "What are my friends and family going to think?" "I cannot get followers!" "I have a degree! I just stick to with what I know!" "There is no way this will work for me!"

But, I was determined. What did I have to lose!?

Passing time, I ran across another video, describing a different type of help that aligned more with my goals. I watched a free 60 minute video that convinced me that affiliate marketing was doable. I CAN DO IT!

The holistic approach and continued support made me feel confident that I can do this. I may not get rich, heck, at the time I am writing this, I haven't even made a single dollar! But, I have been given the tools to succeed! All by making the decision that I want more out of life and rolling the dice!

Join me on this journey!

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